Monday, 23 August 2010

Surrey League at Goodwood

A rather overcast and damp day was in order for the last weekend Goodwood race of the season. I lined up with about a million other 3rd cats and Mark Workman was in a relatively large E12 cat field.

In my race, after a steady first few laps, any moves were snubbed out immediately by a concerted bunch effort. I must have been involved with ten attacks but it was impossible to get away as quite a few riders seemed desperate for a bunch sprint. I managed a little escape with three others for half a lap but it fizzled out.

Anyway, I realised with half a lap to go a bunch kick was inevitable so got out the way and let them get on with it. Watching things unfold down the back straight it was just a matter of time before people crashed. The headwind slowed the bunch, everyone squashed together, the shouting started then bang 20 riders hit the deck. I observed all this from behind and felt massively relieved I stayed out of the sprint….especially when riding past the carnage.

The E12 race split into two groups with Mark in the second coming about 5th in his group sprint for a top 20 position.

No racing this week, next up the SL Handicap Worlds.

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