Thursday, 19 August 2010

I am not a fish

The London Triathlon was last week set at the Excel centre in the Docklands. The Olympic Distance Mens race was last Sunday during a very hot afternoon. The aim was to just get through the swim and finish the race! I started off with a nerve racking 1.5km Swim in a nice, clean, warm, Thames Doc….. Apart from swimming right over to the left in the wrong direction, I felt like I was punched, kicked, elbowed and swam over!
I eventually came out of the swim 320th in my category. The bike ride up to Tower Bridge and back was the circuit, I managed to climb from 320th to 250th in the bike ride. After the cycle the run was a circuit along the doc. My legs almost gave in, but with the constant 'come on Chelsea audio' being chanted at me from young cheerleaders and spectators, I managed to pass another 50 people and finish 199th.

I am going to invest in some swimming lessons then have go at a longer distance

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