Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cut at the Mill (Well more like a dent actually)

I have just been trying to send a blog about my most recent event. Whilst doing so I stumbled across a blog that I wrote some time ago, but due to my poor understanding of the art of blogging I thought I lost my my efforts forever and gave up.

But now back from the depths of my google account please find below what I should have sent several months ago. Apologies I am a numpty when it comes to technology! After much tuition from James G and Trev K, I manage to write my first ever blog. So sorry for the late issue of the festival race in March and my most recent race at Cutmill.

Festival Road race - March 2010

Thanks to those who marshalled and organised etc. Despite having cramp in both legs going over the finish line, due to lack of conditioning, I enjoyed every second. I was a tad worried about the amount of ice that could be potentially be on the roads and pot holes. As I am a new comer to this racing lark, I was relieved to hear that the race was not live until we had gone past the worst areas of ice and pot holes so we could all get our bearings - a great decision!

For me I felt good during the race and managed to stay up in the top 20 or so riders for the most of the race. I made sure I never did too much during the race (as I knew I had not done much training) although on the last 2 laps I had to close some gaps. That was until cramp set in due to lack of conditioning. I had just enough to stay with the race leaders and therefore manage a top ten finish but it wasn't pretty! It would have been nice to bring it home for a home win :o(

Cutmill Sunday 4th March 2010

My first time on this circuit which its reputation speaks for itself. The race saw a couple of crashes that I was thankfully not tangled up in, one being a guy with a puncture looking down at his wheel then proceeding to riding into the back of another guy who also had a puncture with his hand in the air.

The roads contained lots of standing water and pot holes, one of which I hit (of course no one pointed it out) and that dented my rear wheel to the extent new rim is needed. A tad frustrating as they are virtually brand new, but I guess rubbing is racing! Fortunately this didn't stop me completing the race and finishing 12th, again with cramp. But even though it soooo tough I enjoyed in never the less. Oh also my bottle cage shook loose during, so it was necessary to do some high speed maintenance en route.

As James has mentioned we are racing at Goodwood on Sunday, and it would be good to see some of you guys down there......

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