Thursday, 17 June 2010

Festival at Eelmore

I was out for a spin on my mountain bike last night and decided to drop by the Eelmore circuit to see if any FRC riders were racing. As luck would have it Mark Workman was racing so I hung about to watch.

I turned up about 20 minutes into the c.1 hour race just as things were starting to happen. After some sustained attacks a 7 man break (actually 6 men and 1 lady to be precise) got away from the bunch and were working well.

Sensing this was a good move another 3 riders, including Mark, flew across the gap to the lead group swelling it to 10 . Having ridden quite a few Eelmore races, and with the bunch looking a bit ragged, it was pretty obvious they would stay away even with half the race left.

That’s pretty much how things remained with the lead group working well, the bunch working intermittently, and the gap increasing gradually. In the closing laps I gather someone crashed on a corner and few others got dropped so by the time the break heard the bell there were about 7 riders left. Mark attacked with ½ a lap to go but was reeled in with a group sprint deciding things. I think Mark was 7th after an aggressive ride on a deceptively tough circuit. Good work.


  1. Great report and ride James & Mark, well done, keep it up.

  2. Nice post James and nice ride Mark.