Thursday, 8 April 2010

Goodwood on Sunday

Myself and Mark Workman (who finished 4th here a couple of weeks ago) are riding this event. Be good to see some other FRC jerseys if you're thinking about racing this weekend.


  1. Another good result Mark, well done. Racking up the points.Looks like there must have been over 100 riders !
    How comes James DNF'd - hope it wasn't a stack up.

  2. Yes there was a stack with about 500m to go as the bunch sprint was building up, I think quite a few riders went down. Nothing broken, just scuffs to body and bike. A bloke just in front of me touched wheels and that was that....

  3. Nice one Mark - Well done! 3 races in the top 5 and you said you weren't a sprinter. 2nd cat on the way very soon!