Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Festival at Thruxton

Taking James's lead with a circuit race season opener, last Sunday was my first race of the year at Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit. In bright sunny and mild conditions a bunch of 60+ 3rd's rolled away for a swift 12 laps (56km)
Racing was fast from the start with immediate attacks and a group of nine (including myself)working well and easing away on the 2nd lap. The break stayed together until the end and into the wind and the finishing straight, I managed to sprint past the others take the win.
Looking forward to riding at Goodwood this Sunday with Mark, James and some Festival teamwork.


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  2. Great win Col, last time I won my first race of the year was in the 70,s! I can see now why we couldn’t hold you at the Spring Onion Sportive, you are flying as in the Great pic. You should be riding the Vets TT you could win that before Goodwood. I hope to see you down there if it's not raining to much. Colin B

  3. Great win Colin I can see plenty of daylight between you and the other guys, and a great photo!

    As per Colin B's comments you are flying at the moment. Saying that anyone who does a TT in the morning, then a Goodwood race after must be strong aswell (Colin B).

    Colin M, You and James were super agressive at Goodwood on Sunday. It was a real shame that the breakaway you both created, that I managed to tag onto to the back of was stopped by the race organisers. As it could have been such a different result!

    Colin thanks to your hard work on the front I was able to get a good position in the bunch sprint on Sunday, so I owe ya one.

    The next goodwood race is the 11th of April where James, Stu and I are going to give it another bash. Any other takers? It would be good to have a record attendence of 5 FRC boys......