Monday, 22 February 2010

Magic Homes Criterium – Saturday 20th February

I like to start my season with a circuit race (short, no hills, no cars) and Saturday seemed as good a day as any to pin my first number on. The chosen event was the Magic Homes Criterium at Hillingdon, a 3rd and 4th cat race over 25 laps, about 25 miles.

Considering the weather recently it was a great day with sun, a dry surface and not too much wind. The race was aggressive from the start but no one could hold a gap as riders were keen to blow off the cobwebs and chase anything up the road. I attacked 4-5 times up the drag to either start something or bridge to a group but it came to nothing and a bunch sprint settled things. Whilst I felt great, I started my sprint too far back (not the last time you’ll read that) and came across the line mid-pack.

Having whet my appetite my next race is 14th March in the Dunsfold Surrey League event.


  1. Hey James, good write up - keep 'em coming. Glad you're going well and good luck at Dunsfold (mind the potholes though !)

  2. Good stuff James - mixing it up and getting involved in the action. Surprisingly no crashes either......

    I should make my first showing on the 7th with little training in the legs due to my crash, but looking forward to it none the less. Hopefully that will help get me in shape.

    see you at Goodwood on the 28th, any other takers?

    Oh and James ta for showing me the way with this blog thing, I think I would still be there now stressing over it if you hadn't helped me. Lets just say I haven't embrassed modern technology well.

  3. luckily it was a relatively small field or i dread to think what would have happened.