Monday, 22 February 2010

Arundel or bust

A group of the Club's senior members
enjoyed a pleasant run down to Arundel encouraged by messers Barclay and McCracken in the team car who didn't seem to be affected by the freezing wind on the way down or the constant rain on the run home
A steady pace was enjoyed until Baz & John Wise wound the pace up into the twenties which Tom McCall commented upon. A sociable lunch at Southwater before heading off to Bury Hill and Arundel which saw John Wise a clear winner ahead of Colin Bateman and Baz McDermott with Tom McCall, Noel Manchee, Roger Smith, Dave Worsfold and Alan Fidgett coming home at varing intervals.
An enjoyable evening was spent at the comfort inn before setting off into the rain for a direct route home which was made slightly easier with a tail wind
We are all looking forward to the next ride
ps thanks for the pix Brian - no JB in pix as he didn't seem keen on getting out the car and standing in the rain


  1. Those Carrera tops are classics but I'm glad you didn't go the whole way and wear the denim effect tights as well.
    That would have been too much.

  2. Don't you believe it - Colin has a pair of the worst lumi colour tights that are worse than the denim ones - the man has no shame !